Attic Installation (New)

Ra-flect™ Radiant Barrier Sheathing:

There are several companies who offer sheathing products with aluminum foil laminated to the back. However, these pre-laminated sheathing sheets are not recommended as the perforations in the aluminum sheets tend to get plugged up by the adhesives causing and unintended vapor retardant. This vapor retardant could stop the passage of water vapor through the material causing condensation to form at the roof decking leading to mold and/or rot.

With our Perforated Ra-flect™ Radiant Barrier, you can make your own durable reflective sheathing for a fraction of the cost. Just staple our 48” wide foil products to regular OSB or Plywood sheathing for a superior product.

Installation Tips:

  • Use our industrial grade perforated Ra-flect™ Radiant Barrier for this job
  • Unroll 51” wide Ra-flect™ Radiant Barrier over the sheathing and staple it in place.
  • Cut foil off at the end of the sheathing.
  • You have just made reflective roof decking at a savings of about 35 cents per sq ft.
  • When installing, face aluminum side down toward the attic space.

Ra-flect™ Under Roof Decking:

This installation is primarily used in new construction or when replacing roof decking. It works by draping the Radiant Barrier over the open roof rafters during construction and stapling it to the top of the rafters.

Installation Tips:

  • Perforated Ra-flect™ Radiant Barrier is preferable for this job
  • Unroll the Ra-flect™ Radiant Barrier over the top of the roof rafters
  • Allow the material to sag about 2 inches between each rafter
  • Staple periodically to hold Radiant Barrier in place
  • Use custom tool as shown for ease of installation and proper sag
  • Overlap runs by approximately 2 inches
  • Taped seams are not required in this installation
  • Nail roof decking on top as usual

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