Buy Ra-flect Radiant Barrier – The Right Choice!

Radiant barriers are becoming common place in building and home construction. Whether you are building new or dealing with old inefficient structures, it is never too late to install this energy efficient, heat reflecting, aluminum radiant barrier. The attic is generally the easiest and most common place to install a radiant barrier, and in this location, our highly reflective metalized radiant barrier is very effective at reducing both radiant heat gain in the summer and radiant heat loss in the winter, making your structure more comfortable and efficient.

We hope that after shopping around, you will find that our radiant barrier, with its superior quality, durability and affordable pricing will meet and exceed all of your needs. Our double sided, metalized polyethylene radiant barrier is tear resistant, mold resistant, corrosion resistant and is well suited for holding staples in any position. Ra-flect radiant barrier utilizes an advanced manufacturing process called vapor depositing, in which nano sized particles of aluminum vapor are deposited to a polyethylene fabric in a sealed vacuum chamber, ensuring that our radiant barrier will never oxidizes or delaminates like our competitors. Take advantage of our site wide sale and order your radiant barrier today!

Raflect Radiant Barriers

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